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JVC DILA Projectors
Sony Projectors
Cyrus Screens

OS Screens

Panamorph Anamorphic Lens


JVC DILA Projectors




JVC DLA-X900, DLA-X700, DLA-X500,
DLA-X35 (DLA-RS46)*all new*

JVC video projectors are used in some of the most demanding applications, from flight simulators to medical imaging to the home theaters of Hollywood directors and devoted enthusiasts. And while there is a JVC projector engineered specifically for each application, they are all based on the same JVC technology – D-ILA.

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SONY Projectors

*all new*

Take your home viewing up a notch as you create true cinema experience at home with Sony Home Cinema Projectors. Come see what makes this series the choice of discerning AV enthusiasts the world over.

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Cyrus Screens

Cyrus screens are designed and manufactured attention to detail on the screen surfaces and the finishing of the mechanical structure. Take a closer look at our different screen fabrics; they vary in texture, gain and colour to meet the different corporate and home theatre environments of our clients and safety standard of the industry. The mechanical structure of our screens is robust without compromising on the aesthetic qualities; clients can choose their preferred frame colour to suit their interior décor.

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OS Screen

OS Screens is a dedicated projector screen manufacturer, well known throughout Asia for its high-quality and cost-effective screens. The screens are available in a wide variety of surfaces and installation options, from fixed frame and pull-down screens, to retractable and portable products. OS Screen is the No.1 screen in Japan.

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Panamorph Anamorphic Lens


Horizontal Expansion System Options


UH480 Professional Grade Horizontal Expansion Lens

Currently the world's premier lens for high performance home cinema, the UH480 is designed with such exacting tolerances that it is the only anamorphic lens you will ever need. It can be used for either fixed or motorized True Widescreen projection systems from homes to commercial cinemas. It also works with several optional components for maximum versatility.



ATH1 Transport for UH480 Lens

For maximum performance in both the True Widescreen format as well as smaller movies and HDTV, the ATH1 Transport moves the UH480 lens in and out of the beam in seconds at the push of a button or by the command of intelligent projectors and image processors.

MTH1 Transport for UH480 Lens

Our entry-level alternative to the automated MTH1, this manual transport also provides maximum performance in both the True Widescreen format and also smaller movies and HDTV with just a push in and out of the beam.

AKX and AKXPro Attachment Kits For the UH480 Lens and either ATH1 or MTH1 Transports

Make installation of your UH480 lens, ATH1 or MTH1 transport easy with this proprietary pre-engineered mounting system for the most popular projectors. The AKX system includes ceiling chains to support the lens system while using any type of ceiling mount with your projector. The AKXPro is specifically designed to integrate with a Chief RPA mount for a chainless solution.


Vertical Compression System Options

UV200 Professional Grade Vertical Compression Lens

Vertical compression gives you high-performance imaging for significantly less cost.
Typically used as a fixed lens, the UV200 combines with Panamorph Mode I and
Mode II scaling to represent one of the most convenient True Widescreen
projection systems available



M85 Motorized Transport for UV200 and U85 Lenses

If you just want th higher performing 2.40:1 imaging on your 16:9 screen, the M85 gives you the best of both worlds by moving the lens in for 2.40:1 and moving it out for everything else at the push of a button.

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